Urine test strips

Product information about the Combur 7 urine test strips

The Combur 7 urine strips from Roche are known for their high reliability. Every Katkor Home package is provided with this extremely reliable test strip. The Combur 7 test from Roche is the most commonly used strip for a rapid analysis of urine for pathological abnormalities. Even the smallest pathological abnormalities or changes become visible through a color change on the strip. This makes the urinalysis with Combur test strips in the home, clinic or practice the first step towards a reliable diagnosis.

What are the benefits of the Combur 7 urine test strips?

  • The Combur 7 strip can be quickly and easily assessed visually thanks to the clear and bright color scale. They can be stored at room temperature (about a year). The result can already be read after 1 to 2 minutes.
  • High sensitivity – Thanks to the low detection limit of the Combur test strips, even the smallest pathological changes in the urine are visible.
  • Resistant to ascorbic acid – Combur test strips are protected by iodate against interference with ascorbic acid, both in the glucose and in the hemoglobin determination, so that false negative results are virtually excluded.